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Whether you are visiting Ohio or have recently moved to the Midwest, there are several activities to occupy your time in Ohio. All My Sons Upper Arlington movers have created a list of the best free things to do in Ohio. From Museums to state parks, you can pack your days full of fun and learning. Take a look at the list below.

Toledo Museum of Art

The Toledo Museum is great for families looking to explore art in Ohio. As one of the top free things to do in Ohio, the Toledo Museum of Art features over 30,000 different works of art from some of the most famous and sought after artists, such as Picasso and Monet. Take the day to self-explore or take one of their six tours available.

The Topiary Park

You can walk through a real-life piece of art located right in Columbus, Ohio. This park is the background of George Seurat’s painting A Sunday Afternoon on the Isle of La Grande Jatte. The park has recreated that very picture with hedge sculptures of people throughout the park. Upper Arlington Movers recommend visiting the park early in the day to be able to take in the park’s remarkable take on art and nature.

Ohio Statehouse

The Statehouse takes our list of top free things to do in Ohio because of the vast experiences visitors may receive while there. The Ohio Statehouse is a located in Capitol Square, which is also home to the Senate building and Atrium. These buildings are incredible structures from history that speak of Ohio’s humble beginnings. The buildings are also currently used as government offices. Visitors may tour the complex Monday through Friday for free. During the weekends, the House and Senate Chambers are kept locked, and are only accessible via guided tours.

The Upper Arlington movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage hope you and your family enjoy your time in Ohio, and welcome you to experience the rich Ohio history and culture!

Living a life that is free of clutter might sound like a fantasy, but it is definitely possible. Purging your home of unneeded items is quite a large project to take on, but once you make clutter-free living a lifestyle, it will come naturally. We understand that there are items you may not need but want to keep. Instead of keeping these items in your home, you can use storage in Upper Arlington to host your belongings along with these tips for living clutter free. Believe it or not, the extra space in your home will make a huge difference. In the following guide, you will find tips for living without clutter.

Tip 1: Fit your home not the other way around.

More common than not, people purchase a home that suits their needs at the time, but as time progresses, they slowly accumulate more and more items. Next thing you know, you find yourself needing a bigger home. Break the cycle! If you find yourself needing more space in your closets, bedrooms, or kitchen, start removing items you do not need. A shirt you haven’t worn in six months or a pot you’ve never used would best be sold at a yard sale, donated, or placed into storage such as the storage facilities offered by All My Sons Moving & Storage in Upper Arlington.

Tip 2: Declutter your life more often.

One of the most important tips for living without clutter is to consistently clear your home of it. Make it a point to clean out your home a few times a year to reduce the clutter that has accumulated over time. In addition, if you have items in storage in Upper Arlington, consider going through those items periodically as well to see if you can further downsize.

Tip 3: Give everything a designated spot.

When everything has its place, it is difficult to find more space for additional items. If something is out of place, make it a habit to return it to its designated home. This will keep things neat and organized around your house, as well as reduce clutter.

Start off with these three tips for living without clutter. As time progresses, try pushing yourself further and further to reduce clutter. Over time, living clutter free will become a natural habit and you won’t be able to imagine what living in a cluttered home is like.

After moving to a home, it is typical for people to begin to accumulate more and more stuff. Oftentimes finding it hard to cleanse your home of unnecessary things, the residential movers in Upper Arlington know the best time to clear out your home is during a move. Moving gives you the opportunity to truly find out what you own and what you no longer need in your home. For those items that still need to be kept but not yet moved into your new home, there are plenty of options for storage in Upper Arlington. How do you decide what to keep and what not to keep as far as your kitchen goes? The residential movers in Upper Arlington have put together a list of essential kitchen items you should be bringing to your home.

Measuring Spoons and Cups come in handy when baking and cooking. Make sure to keep a set of these on hand. If you find yourself with double sets, separate those items for sale or donation.

Wooden Spoons, when properly cleaned, are the best tools to have in the kitchen. They work with relatively any pots and pans and don’t transfer heat. So, no need to worry about burning your hand when grabbing the spoon!

Rolling Pins are usually not considered an essential kitchen tool, but can be very handy when needed. Rolling cookies, pie crusts, and other delicious treats are made possible with your trusty rolling pin!

Mixing Bowls are a great investment. If you have multiples, consider dropping off a set to your storage in Upper Arlington, and keeping the other set at home. Whichever you choose, having a durable set of mixing bowls will make your cooking days much easier.

Colanders are great for draining pastas, veggies, or rinsing fruit. Our residential movers in Upper Arlington suggest keeping a couple of colanders in different sizes in your kitchen.

Spatulas and Whisks are items that are often duplicated, and even tripled, in kitchens. Realistically, you will be just fine with just one of each.

Stock Pots are fantastic for cooking large amounts of pasta or soup; however, unless you are a regular soup and pasta maker, you will not need more than one or two of these pots. If your home has started a small collection of these, bring the remaining pots to your storage in Upper Arlington until you need them.

Are you visiting Ohio in February? The local movers in Upper Arlington have put together a list of the best places and events to take part in during the month of February.

At the top of our list is Coco Beans Candy & More. A candy boutique in Fremont offers kids and adults alike a doorway to candy land. All chocolates are made onsite daily. If you find yourself in the Fremont area this Valentine’s Day, get your sweetie something sweet from Coco Beans. During February, they offer everything you need from chocolate covered strawberries to goodie bags for kids. That will be a hit this Valentine’s Day!

The local movers in Upper Arlington also suggest stopping by the Ohio Statehouse when visiting Ohio this month. February is Black History Month, and this year, the Statehouse is hosting a Living History series. The series will look at historical African-American figures and the strides made throughout history. Every Tuesday this month you can experience an artist telling a historical figures story in a riveting and intimate storytelling performance.

Winter Park is a personal favorite of the local movers in Upper Arlington, and are thrilled to have it return to Columbus this year! Winter Park is great outdoor fun for families visiting Ohio. With an official NHL-sized outdoor ice skating rink and a mountain slide for kids, Winter Park is guaranteed to be a burst of fun for the whole family.

Of course, the best part of visiting Ohio is the food! Take a cruise on the Comfort Food Cruise available between February 5-20. As part of the tour, you can experience cuisine from 12 different restaurants in Hocking Hills, where they will be offering a variety of comfort foods.

The local movers of All My Sons Moving & Storage hope you enjoy your visit to the snowy state of Ohio this February. Take advantage of all the frozen beauty Ohio has to offer.

Have you recently moved to Upper Arlington, Ohio? Welcome to fun town! Ohio is home to some of the largest roller coasters in America and several other activities that only Ohioan’s know, and they want to keep it a secret. Luckily, local movers in Upper Arlington have put together an Ohio Bucket List for all those interested in exploring what Ohio has to offer!

1. Top of our list is Cedar Point. Offering riders a day full of flips, turns, and head scrambling rides. Home to a few of the world’s largest roller coasters, Cedar Point is a definite must for thrill seekers.

2. Get ready to Rock and Roll at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio. With ever changing exhibits, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is sure to be a hit, pun intended!

3. Castaway Bay and indoor waterpark can’t be left off anyone’s bucket list. Open on most days year-round, residents of Ohio can enjoy a fun day at the water park even in Ohio’s winter!

4. Channel your inner royalty and stop by Chateau Laroche along the backs of the little Miami River. Explore a medieval- style castle and its beautiful gardens with your family and learn the history behind this antique structure.

5. Lastly on our Ohio Bucket List, stop by Old Man’s Cave in Hocking Hills State Park. This is great for outdoor lovers and families. You will be able to explore waterfalls, caves and natures amazing creations in the rocks and hills of the park.

The local movers in Upper Arlington hope you and your family enjoy exploring the great state of Ohio!

Upper Arlington is a primarily suburban area in Columbus, Ohio. It is less than a century old and quite small in size, with just 10 square miles of land. With a mere population of 33,000, it is sure to deliver residents a small-town feel. If you are thinking of moving to Upper Arlington there are a few things to know about Ohio from the people you will soon call neighbors to who the best professional movers in Upper Arlington are. Here are the 10 things you should know before moving to Upper Arlington, Ohio.

1.You will find several generations of family living near each other, and they love it!

2. The Upper Arlington community is a strong believer in traditions, it keeps the community close.

3. The trees are probably older than the town itself. The suburb of Upper Arlington is only 99 years old.

4. The education system in Upper Arlington is excellent and is a big driver for new families moving to Upper Arlington.

5. There are several community parks for the entire family. From parks that offer residents a great work out to more relaxing parks to spend a Sunday afternoon, Upper Arlington has it.

6. The community is close knit and host several events throughout the year including a 4th of July Festival.

7. Hire your professional movers in Upper Arlington today or you might not be able to get in. Upper Arlington actually decided to cease expansion in the 70’s to focus their resources on maintaining a beautiful city for their current residents.

8. Things to Know About Ohio Pro Tip: Ohio State University is actually ranked 54th in the 2017 Best Colleges List and Upper Arlington is close by this educational institute.

9. Most residents in Upper Arlington have received higher level education.

10. Upper Arlington is filled with opportunities for careers, healthy living, and a continuance in learning.

For those moving to Upper Arlington or recent residents to Upper Arlington you may not be aware of the unique culture this suburb in Columbus, Ohio has developed throughout the years. The city of Upper Arlington came to be 99 years ago. Brothers King and Ben Thompson founded the city in 1918 and since then, it has become a unique community with a small-town atmosphere. Friendly neighbors, great schools, and a very active social calendar. Events in Upper Arlington are as frequent as a bear visits to honey hives. Check out some of these annual events in Upper Arlington and make sure you don’t miss out in 2017!

- Spring Fling: Typically hosted in May, Spring Fling is a fun filled day for kids and parents. Residents of Upper Arlington can take part in the Annual Fishing Derby, Inflatable games, Live music and Arts and Crafts

- Summer Celebration: A celebration of all mother nature has to offer in Summer. Families can enjoy some quality time outdoors on inflatable obstacle courses, hot balloon rides and other great activities for children.

– Music in the Parks Summer Concerts: Music fans can enjoy an outdoor summer concert series between June and July. Listen to local bands and enjoy food from various restaurants in the city.

These events are only a slight hint at the number of events Upper Arlington residents can attend throughout the year. In 2018 Upper Arlington is coming to its 100th year and in good Upper Arlington tradition it will be a year of festivities. For those moving to Upper Arlington be sure to look for more events in Upper Arlington and join in on all the festivities!

Finding the perfect Upper Arlington neighborhood to move to can require a lot of planning and research. All My Sons Moving & Storage, a local moving company in Upper Arlington, wants to help make your research easier. Check out these Upper Arlington Neighborhoods and their best qualities!

1.Zip Code: 43221 Located just west of Ohio State this Upper Arlington neighborhood caters to those individuals who crave culture and have refined tastes and possess the means to live comfortably. The average resident here are educated executives that enjoy active weekends enjoying fine arts available nearby.

2. Zip Code: 43220 If living near an airport is a tie breaker for you, then look no further! This neighborhood has all the amenities a middle-income family would need. Great school system, beautiful single family homes, excellent shopping and civic amenities make this area a hot commodity.

3. Zip Code: 43212 Living downtown comes with its own benefits, great food, walking distance from shops and restaurants but it also comes with overcrowding and urban decay areas. Zip code 43212 is close enough to downtown to enjoy the night life and shops but still provides a slower pace lifestyle. Being the city center, residents can enjoy every amenity as well as great schools and a lower crime rate than downtown.

All My Sons, the local moving company in Upper Arlington hope you find this list helpful during your search for a new home in the Upper Arlington neighborhoods!

Celebrating the New Year with the kids this season? All My Sons movers in Columbus would like to share some great ways that you can ring in the New Year with your loved ones, even the little ones!


First Night Columbus. Head to the COSI building, the center of science and industry for the perfect way to spend New Year’s Eve with the kids. At only $10 for admission, this place with various entertainment makes for not only a fun, but affordable night. There will be bands, light shows, games, and performances until midnight.


Fort Rapids Indoor Waterpark. Although a little less traditional, this is a great way to spend the New Year. Kids will be thrilled with over 60,000 square feet of water park fun. Complete with a lazy river, over 12 slides, and a gold rush arcade. Stay for just the day or a few nights!


Throw a Party. All My Sons residential movers in Columbus suggest throwing your own party if you feel like having a fun night without heading out this year. You can play music, make fun food, and have arts and crafts. Have stations to decorate party hats or 2017 glasses. You can keep New Year’s Eve with the kids entertaining by having games as well. Have everyone pull a card out of a hat that asks a question about their past year (favorite memory, funniest moment etc.)


Your top movers in Columbus hope these suggestions help you out when deciding what to do for New Year’s Eve with your family.

Columbus local movers would like to share with you some great holiday events taking place in your new city! Moving to a new area during the holidays can be hard, especially if you have children. Let All My Sons Moving & Storage help by offering some great suggestions for the top holiday events in Columbus this year.


Wild Lights at the Zoo and Aquarium. Check out the lights at the Columbus Zoo throughout all of December. This zoo lights up the night with trails of holiday lights emphasizing on the animals that reside at the zoo. This is a perfect way to get the whole family into the holiday spirit.


Holiday Fantasy Lights. This is a drive-thru light show that is taking place until the first of the new year. Head to the Alum Creek State Park to get into spirit, as this is one of the city’s top holiday events in Columbus. Once you reach the end of the show, enjoy complementary cookies and hot cocoa before you meet Santa!


The Santa Train. This holiday train departs from Nelsonville Depot on the weekends before Christmas. Each train ride is about two hours long. Columbus local movers say the trains are fully decorated and will be filled with the sounds of the season, making it one of our top holiday events in Columbus this year! Wait eagerly as Santa will make his way through the train cars to meet and greet the passengers. This is a great addition to any day during the holidays. Take this train ride before heading out to get your Christmas tree!