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Bed Bug Blues

There is no way to put it lightly, there is a bed bug infestation in Ohio. As a local mover in Columbus, this is a topic of recent increasing relevance in our industry. Bed bugs are mysterious, resilient little creatures that hunger for your blood. The thought of these vampiric intruders feasting on your blood while you sleep is repulsive. Surprisingly, personal cleanliness and hygiene hardly play a role in their infestation of your home. Studies even show that bed bugs much prefer the blood of human beings over blood from pets, so don’t point any fingers at Spot or Mittens. Everybody is at risk of being visited by these midnight-snackers, especially residents of several Ohio cities including Columbus. Bed bugs are innate hitchhikers, so if you’re planning a local move from your infested nest soon, DON’T assume that you’re leaving the problem behind. Check out this hub for tips on combating¬†bed bugs.
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