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Columbus Among one of the Best Cities for Veterans

If you are a veteran and looking for the perfect location to be able to jumpstart your civilian career, move to Columbus, Ohio!

According to an annual study conducted by the United Services Automobile Association (USAA), Columbus ranks as the sixth best city in the United States for military veterans who want to pursue higher education in order to be better equipped for a civilian career.

The study took into consideration things like G.I. Bill enrollment numbers, presence of colleges and universities in the area, and unemployment rates in the city. It also acknowledged other issues that are important to veterans, such as health care accessibility in the region.

The blended government, business industry, and available education that Ohio’s capital has to offer is what makes it appealing to veterans.

With a median home price of $136,200.00 and unemployment at a low rate of 6.2%, Columbus’ strong intellectual and cultural base, and many businesses welcome educated veterans.

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