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3 Quick and Easy Tips for Packing and Moving Your Business

Businesses don’t have time to shut down. Customers aren’t going to wait while you’re moving your business, instead, they’ll move on. What can you do to ensure that there are no interruptions while moving your business? Create a team, give notice and pay for packing services for businesses.

Designate Team Members

When moving your business, it’s best to go into this endeavor with a solid plan.

Choose team captains and delegate moving responsibilities. Break up each task into manageable pieces and designate responsibilities based on a few factors:

– Rooms

– Files

– Marketing (contacting clients, creating awareness, advertisements)

– Admin (changing all information to reflect new address)

– Moving company liaison (designate one team member to deal directly with the commercial movers)

Knowing who oversees each piece of the overall puzzle will come in handy when it comes time to check up and assess how the process is taking shape.

Give the Moving Company Notice

No two moving companies are alike, but there are universal truths for every one of them. Moving companies usually advise families to give at least 8 weeks of notice before the move.

We advise calling your local Columbus commercial movers as soon as you know you’re moving. There’s no harm in booking in advance and the peace of mind when moving your business will be worth it.

Choose Packing Services for Businesses

It may be tempting to get your team or employees to do all the packing for you but consider the bigger picture.

Moving your business is no easy task and doing so without interrupting normal business process is a real challenge. Consider choosing one of the packing services for businesses in Columbus instead.

That will free employees up to concentrate on organizing important documents and tools while the Columbus moving company takes care of the rest.


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