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Thanksgiving and the Big Ten Conference

This holiday weekend in Columbus has something in store for just about everybody. Falling on Thanksgiving weekend this year, The upcoming great North American college football rivalry will surely make the holiday interesting. The two coinciding traditions will definitely throw a wrench into the plans of Buckeyes fans. It has been 20 years now since the annual swim in Mirror lake was conceived. We will have to wait and see which tradition will reign supreme as this is the first year the lake will have to compete with the holidays. Though, to put a positive light on the dilemma, Thanksgiving will be an excellent excuse this year to opt out on taking an icy dip in the campus’ lake for those who would like to avoid catching pneumonia.

Pressing superstition will surely drag participants to the freezing lake though, anything to help earn Ohio State a shot at the Rose Bowl. FYI: There is no medical evidence supporting a cramp-risk due to a post-feast swim, so use this as motivation if you’d like and go for a frigid winter swim! With such a busy holiday weekend ahead, many will likely leave the task of preparing this years thanksgiving feast to professionals. Bob Evans’ popular ‘Farmhouse Feast’ is even available to order online for the first time, so if the role of ‘chef’ doesn’t fit into your schedule, there is no reason to stress at all. Just relax and think of all the reasons why you and yours should feel thankful this year. Your soon-to-be Columbus moving company is quite thankful for the years of stress-free moving services we will soon be happy to provide to your family! So thanks in advance to you, and have a happy Thanksgiving Columbus!

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