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Benefits of Climate Controlled Storage in the Winter

Winters in Columbus can be cold! When you put your items into Columbus storage units, there is always a risk that items can be damaged from temperatures and other factors. Make sure your belongings are safe and secure in our Columbus movers climate controlled storage.

Many people use storage units in the winter to store items that they won’t be using until warmer temperatures return. To save space in your home, you can store summer clothing, lawn equipment, recreational gear and more in a storage unit for the winter. If you are moving during the winter, your storage unit can come in handy to store even more items in between homes.

We all know that climate controlled storage is important to avoid your items overheating, creating mildew, etc. during the summer months. But why are climate controlled storage units important in the winter? Well cold temperatures can do as much damage to your belongings as it can to you. If it’s cold outside, chances are it’s even colder inside a concrete storage unit with no heat.

If you have electronics, battery operated items or items with liquid included amongst your belongings in storage, they can freeze, create condensation inside electronics or crack from expansion due to freezing. This can render some of your electronics, lawn equipment, etc. unusable. A climate controlled storage unit keeps your belongings between 50 and 80 degrees to avoid being too hot or too cold.

All My Sons Moving & Storage can supply a secure, climate controlled storage unit for your belongings. Call us today to learn more!


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